Black Fursuit Toony Teeth Set

  • Black Fursuit Toony Teeth Set
  • Black Fursuit Toony Teeth Set

Casted plastic toony fursuit teeth SET! Casted in plastic and pulled raw from the mold (I do not offer sanding on these). There will be some 3D print layers visible as seen in the photos. Please be aware of that if it is an issue for your personal use.

This listing is for a full set - All the teeth shown in the first image, includes lower fronts, 1 pair of canines and 2 pairs of molars (molars are 2 different sizes)

NOTE: Molars WILL come with minor flaws. The lower molars will come with tiny bubbles at the tips of the teeth. This can be easily fixed with some sandpaper if they are an issue for the user. There is also a flaw in the mold of the larger molar but only on one side. Both of these are captured in the images above.

Ideal for use in medium-larger sized head bases (unless you want really big teeth).
Last image is an example of how the teeth look in a finished head.

International shipping IS available! Please message me if you are outside of the US so that I can calculate shipping for you.