Follow Me Fursuit Eye Blanks - Med Size

$20.00 - $75.00
  • Follow Me Fursuit Eye Blanks - Med Size
  • Follow Me Fursuit Eye Blanks - Med Size
  • Follow Me Fursuit Eye Blanks - Med Size

A pair of plastic/resin fursuit "follow me" eye blanks. I designed these in a program and had them 3D printed to make a mold from. So they are symmetrical.

This style of eye blank is my standard style and comes in 3 sizes. If you have ordered eye blanks from me in the past, those are my Large sized blanks. The blanks in this listing are "Medium Sized" and fit average to smaller style head bases. Please see photos for size comparisons.

Raw/Unsanded blanks are pulled straight from the mold and packed up. They WILL need to be sanded either using a sanding block, low grit sandpaper or a dremel.

Finished/Sanded blanks have all the sharp edges sanded down. These have a longer wait time. However, sanded blanks will come with a piece of black vinyl mesh so you may paint your own eyes or use unpainted.

This is for a PAIR of blanks. I will not be finishing them for you. It is recommended to cover the outer "rim" with foamies or stiff felt for the optimal following effect.

They can be used unpainted. However if you paint I recommend applying a nice primer as well as sealer to prevent chipping.

Please see photos for size.

Eye blanks usually ship in 5-7 days, weather permitting. Winter weather makes casting slower and more difficult for consistent casts, so wait times may be longer between Nov-April.

For international orders just shoot me a message! I will make a custom listing for you with the included shipping price! Just let me know the quantity you'd like to purchase and what country I am shipping to so I can get you a quote!

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message.